Saturday, October 13, 2012


Heute morgen wurde ich gezwungen einen 5k zu rennen, Diese Woche ist Homecoming Week an der NIU und aus diesem Anlass sind diese Woche mehrere sportliche Veranstaltungen. Tatsächlich war ich es, die die Idee hatte mitzulaufen (letzte Woche hatte ich irgendwie Lust darauf). Aber während meine Motivation im Laufe der Woche stetig abgenommen hat (FREIWILLIG 5 km am SAMSTAG morgen um 7.45 am RENNEN????), hat sich Phili's Motivation plötzlich gemeldet, so dass er mich heute morgen 6 Uhr aus dem Bett gezerrt hat....

This morning, I was forced to run a 5K. This week is Homecoming week at NIU and there a several sports events going on. Actually, I came up with the idea of running it (somehow I felt like doing it last week). But while my motivation decreased constantly during the week (RUNNING VOLUNTARILY 5 km on a SATURDAY morning  at 7.45 AM???), somehow Phili's motivation went up, so he forced me out of bed this morning at 6 AM....

Vor Dem Start - I'm  scared!

At the Start line

My Pilates trainer Olivia and me

I made it!

I was the last one to finish in my age group though!
But I'm still proud that I finished!
(And is my handwriting that bad? look what they did with my name!)

And: Mr. Weber won 2nd Place at his age group!


  1. Yay! Great job Kati!
    I'm so happy you did the race.
    Did you go tailgating and to the football game?

    1. Hey Olivia,
      we weren't tailgaiting. I went to the lab and then we napped... :o) But next time we have to go! Are you coming to Yoga tomorrow?

    2. Of course! I will try to go to sleep earlier tonight to wake up ready to go :)