Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jonamac Orchard

Heute hatten wir wunderschönes Spätsommer/ Frühherbstwetter. Das haben Maria und ich nochmal ausgenutzt und sind in das 7 Meilen entfernte Malta gefahren, um ein bisschen über Jonamac's Apfelplantage zu schlendern. Neben allen denkbaren Apfelsorten konnte man auch riesige Kürbisse selbst ernten. Außerdem gibt es einen Streichelzoo (mit einem Eselbaby-Süüüüß) und einen kleinen Laden. In meiner Einkaufstüte sind gelandet: Äpfel, selbstgemachter Apfelsaft (war ein Traum, schon alle...) und ein Apfel-Donut (auch schon weg!) Muss auf jeden Fall nochmal mit Phili dahin und durch das riesige Mais-Labyrinth laufen! Wer kommt mit?

Today, Maria and I exploited the sunny and warm weather and drove to Malta, which is about 7 miles from Dekalb, and strolled through Jonamac's Orchard. Apart from a huge variety of all sorts of apples you also could harvest your own pumkins. Furthermore, they have a petting zoo and a small shop and bakery. Things that ended up in my shopping bag: apples, apple cider (sooo gooood! and already gone...) and an apple donut (also already vanished...). Anyways, I have to come back with Phili to walk through the huge corn maze. Who joins us?


  1. Hi Kati!
    This is Olivia from Pilates and Yoga :)
    I enjoy reading your posts and I still can't believe you met Emily Schuman!
    You're a great writer and seem like such a sweet girl.
    I look forward to getting to know you better.
    See you at Yoga Monday morning!

    <3 Olivia Rajska

    1. Thank you so much Olivia! I'm also looking forward to get to know you better! P.S.: I'm totally sore all over my body! You did a great job! ;o)

    2. Haha! I'm glad you had a good workout! :)
      Thanks for coming and supporting me in my class.
      I'm gonna try new stuff and see what works.
      This is my favorite blogger and you should definitely check her out:
      Have a great day and see you soon!!

  2. I think you may have inspired Emily with this post!

    1. I know!! :o) That's what I thought, when I saw it! :o)